Bare Bones Society: Season 2. The Kingdom Of Secrets & Everything In-between.

Who are we?

We are the Bare Bones Society — we have the strongest bond between holders, the freedom of expression to further the community and the upmost positive outlook on the future of Solana NFT’s: it is simply our identity. This project was founded by two — a 21 year old graphic designer and a 20 year old coder and marketer, both being NFT and Solana Enthusiasts before anything else and dedicated to truly building the next Solana blue chip.

Season 1: Our Introduction

Our project consists of 4 seasons — of which each contain 250 NFT’s for a total supply of 1000 Bare Bones. Our first season was an outstanding success — our discord grew from under 100 members to over 800 members (at the time of mint) in under 5 days and our twitter followed a similar path growing from 50 followers to 500 followers in the same amount of time.

In an extremely short amount of time, we were able to build one of the greatest Solana communities I have ever seen (despite my bias) and for that I am beyond grateful. The first season of 250 NFT’s sold out in 6 seconds and we are now listed on Magic Eden & Digital Eyes. The floor raised all the way up to 3.8 SOL at one point and our biggest sale to date was 4.99 SOL.

The signs are promising, the community is growing and the future is bright. This is just the start and you are still early if your are reading this — Season 1 taught us many lessons as a team and we are stronger now than we previously were — ready to deliver Season 2 for all who believe heavily in our project.

The Future

Since the mint of Season 1 — the Bare Bones Society team has worked relentlessly on Season 2: The Kingdom Of Secrets. There are many gaps missing, uncertainty within the community and understandable fear due to the lack of presence over the last 5 days. We are here writing this article to shed some light on the future of our project and where we are headed.

Over the next 10 days before the mint of Season 2 we plan to use the funds we were able to raise in Season 1 to market our project to a wider audience. We are not going to be shy with our budget and we are ready to take this project to the level we believe it deserves to be at: blue chip status. The community is about to explode to new heights and we are excited to welcome the new exposure along with building personal connections with more influencers.

The new roadmap, the communities questions & suggestions, the trailer of Season 2 — we hear you loud and clear. The artwork is ready, the website is being updated and the new NFT’s are being processed. Season 2 will have a separate listing on secondary marketplaces, Season 1 holders will be rewarded for their contributions to the community and all 1000 Bare Bones will still be minted before 2022. Season 2’s roadmap will be released shortly after this article and will specifically cover everything you need to hear.


We want to show our gratitude for everything this community has given us so far: the opportunity to build a successful NFT project, the funds we were able to raise as 20 and 21 year olds and the bond we have with the community. We want to express that we are beyond grateful and that we will work our very hardest with this project to make it more than a one hit wonder and more of a sustainable blue chip within the Solana metaverse, thank you all.



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